Koriindior – Blind Love

If you haven’t heard of Koriindior yet, odds are you’ve been missing out on one of the coolest acts that i’ll go ahead and shine light on for yo ass. For most, soundcloud rap is dead or can be a real bummer to gain traction as an artist. A lot of people, including me, tend to retreat into sadness and self reflection when thinking about the underground scene; while a select few use the overload of emotions to create something special. A person who did just that is Koriindior.

I caught wind of his music this past weekend when his recent song, “Blind Love” made its way into my inbox. The 2 minute offering takes us inside the mind of a soon to be renowned talent who will be no stranger to the music scene. Growing up in an era where streams dictate success, making music is something that Koriindior should always pursue with what I feel will be breakout success with his latest song – Blind Love. Check it out below my g:

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